COURSE 10: HIAAYU10 – Allied Ayurvedic Bodywork therapies (Shirodhara and Katibasti)

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Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation HLT52615

V2: Feb 2021


Total number of units = 18

Core units

HLTAYV001             Develop Ayurvedic practice HLTAYV002             Make Ayurvedic lifestyle assessments HLTAYV003             Provide Ayurvedic bodywork therapies HLTAYV004             Provide Ayurvedic lifestyle advice HLTAYV005             Provide advice on Ayurvedic nutrition

HLTAAP002 – Confirm physical health status HLTWHS004 – Manage work health and safety HLTINF004 – Manage the prevention and control of infection CHCDIV001 – Work with diverse people CHCCOM006 – Establish and manage client relationships CHCLEG003 – Manage legal and ethical compliance BSBSMB404 – Undertake small business planning CHCAGE001 – Facilitate the empowerment of older people CHCCCS001 – Address the needs of people with chronic disease CHCDIS007 – Facilitate the empowerment of people with disability CHCMHS001 – Work with people with mental health issues CHCPRP003 – Reflect on and improve own professional practice HLTAID003 – Provide first aid

Health Institute Australasia delivers the 5 core Ayurvedic units of competency, which are: HLTAYV001, HLTAYV002, HLTAYV003, HLTAYV004, HLTAYV005, in 12 Courses, outlined below.


Each of the 12 Courses has Lessons with associated Topics that the student will need to complete before the next Course can be commenced.

There may be Assignments and Examinations at the end of each Topic to verify the student’s understanding of the information.


Course 10 – HIAAYU10

Allied Ayurvedic Bodywork Therapies. (Shirodhara & Katibasti)

Table of Contents


LESSON 10.1           Shirodhara   

Topic 10.1.1                Definition

Topic 10.1.2                Mode of action

Topic 10.1.3                Benefits

Topic 10.1.4                Indications

Topic 10.1.5                Shirodhara and doshas

Topic 10.1.6                Use of different liquids

Topic 10.1.7                Do’s and Don’ts (Pathya–Apathya)

Topic 10.1.8                Contraindications

Topic 10.1.9                Equipment

Topic 10.1.10                Liquids and oils

Topic 10.1.11              Precautions

Topic 10.1.12              Workplace health and safety

Topic 10.1.13              Snehana


LESSON 10.2            Katibasti

Topic 10.2.1                Definition

Topic 10.2.2                Areas covered

Topic 10.2.3                Benefits

Topic 10.2.4                Indications

Topic 10.2.5                Contra-indications

Topic 10.2.6                Environment

Topic 10.2.7                Equipment

Topic 10.2.8                Client privacy and instructions

Topic 10.2.9                Precautions

Topic 10.2.10              Workplace Health and Safety

Topic 10.2.11              Client information


LESSON 10.3            Swedana

Topic 10.3.1                Definition Topic 10.3.2                Types of swedana

Topic 10.3.3                Signs of appropriate fomentation

Topic 10.3.4                Contra-indications

LESSON 10.4             Assessment

Topic 10.4.01                 Assignment

Topic 10.4.2                   Exam