HEALTHY BODY: PART 3 – The Control Centre

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HEALTHY BODY: PART 3 – The Control Centre. VERSION CONTROL: 1 August 2017

The Broad Picture

To control and coordinate the functions of the far flung areas of the body, it is essential that there should be a system for rapid communication between these areas and one which can also act as a controlling agency to coordinate and integrate the various functions of the body. The Nervous System along with the Endocrine System is chiefly responsible for this control and integration of the body’s functions.

On the basis of structure, the nervous system can be distinguished into a central part which consists of the brain and the spinal cord, known as the central nervous system and the peripheral nerves with the sensory organs forming the peripheral nervous system.

Functionally, however, the nervous system can be divided into two parts, the one which concerns the voluntary actions, known as the somatic nervous system and the other that controls the autonomous visceral functions, known as the autonomic nervous system. Both these systems are inter-linked and share some of their structures jointly.

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