Topic 2.03: The Eight-fold path of Classical Yoga

Classical Yoga, or the Eight-Fold Path, authored by the Indian sage, Rishi Patanjali thousands of years ago, is still practiced in the world today. It is a holistic discipline, which implies care of the trilogy of mind, body, and spirit. It consists of the following:

  1. Restraint, Yama
  2. Applicable to our relationships with other people, and includes commitments such as non-violence (ahimsa), being truthful (satya), non-stealing (asteya), self-control (brahmacharya), and non-attachment (aparigraha).

  3. Observances, niyama
  4. Applicable to our relationship with ourselves, and includes commitments such as purity (saucha), contentment (santosha), self-disciplined effort (tapas), self-study (swadhyaya), and the ability to concede to something higher than one’s self (ishwara pranidhana).

  5. Steady and firm posture, asana

  6. Breath control, pranayama.

  7. Awareness beyond the senses, pratyahara.

  8. Concentration, dharana.

  9. Meditation, dhyana.

  10. Equanimity, samadhi.