Initiation to Yoga (Part 5)

Seize the moment

Deep down in your soul you have a special gift, you can touch others in a special way, you can make the world a special place, you are here to contribute something unique.

  1. Remember who you are, and make this unique contribution with the rest of your life. Never settle for less than you can be.
  2. Consistently perform at peak levels.
  3. Think in new directions.
  4. Restore your ability to dream and the will to shape your destiny.
  5. Bring to life all your dormant courage and commitment. Release your unlimited power, radiant vitality, joyous passion.
  6. Wake-up and claim your birthright. You are destined for your own unique form of greatness.
  7. Know that what you do makes a difference; that nothing is more important than the love and strength you generate.
  8. Cultivate unswerving faithfulness.
  9. Salute the giants whose shoulders you stand upon, the teachers who have shaped so much of your philosophy, life-style, skills, those who have never accepted that something was impossible, those whose lives are an example, or a warning.
  10. Firmly anchor your success in life’s enduring values and service to others.
  11. Decide how you are going to live the next ten years of your life. and how you are going to live today in order to create tomorrow.
  12. Now is the time to design the next ten years of your life. Seize the moment.

Choicest blessings,

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