Wealth and prosperity can be the key to a comfortable life. Money may not buy you extra years in life, health, or more happiness, but it plays an important role in society and is a powerful energy that moves the world.

There is a spiritual understanding that there are Laws of Wealth and Success, and anyone who knows and applies them, will become prosperous. The reason why many people may not know about these laws is because our eyes only see tangible objects and these laws are beyond our generic understanding. The universe is greatly hidden from us. This is sometimes called the invisible, spirit, or unmanifested universe. It is what contains the source of all creation. The part of the universe that we can see and touch, is known as the world of matter, or the manifested universe.

There are seven powerful principles for wealth creation which have been known by ancient sages from diverse cultures and religions for centuries. These are universal, thus any person with any belief can apply and use them in their lives for spectacular success. They are undisputed ways to generate abundance in your life. You can have full faith in them, as they have already been tested over and over again, over the course of the history of humankind. Put them into practice now and your efforts will be richly rewarded. Also, connect with your Cosmic Presence for inner guidance, when you are not sure. Apply them everyday with confidence and perseverance, and soon you will start to see wonders.

These laws are briefly explained now: